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Microsoft Opted-in Emailing
Lowest Cost & Best Deliverability

Select highly targeted email data! Over 200 million Business Employees & 400 million opted-in residents, and any bounces are replaced! See top of site "Free Data Search Here."

Per MSFT limits, up to 1.5 billion opt-ed in emails per mo., for each $6 per mo., Office 365 account can be emailed with List Leaker. Free accounts also usable!

Features: Emails per hour control, Unlimited mailbox rotation, Personalization of Subject line & Email body, Personal URL Shortener, Advanced Tracking, Do Not Email Between hours, Bounce Cleaning, Opt-In csv link, Automated Opt-Out link, plus many more. Free Trial!

2009 Innovative Solution

Database Emailer

"The Innovative Solutions Award recognizes solutions that are groundbreaking & provide quantifiable business value for end-user."

"Database Emailer customers can also run their own queries through an online interface, rather than having to email requests to (and wait for a response from) the company's IT staff."

Julie Langekamp, Information Management Magazine, Editor-in-chief

Database Emailer is the largest opt-in email database in the United States. Opt-in means that people have expressly agreed to receive product offers and specials by email.

The company sells email lists that can be targeted by multiple criteria or “selects,” such as geographic location and demographics (e.g. income, gender, dwelling status). Its customers then market to these lists.

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Create Email/Upload File

Simply create a new email as usual! Yes, you can use images, attachments, and videos! Simply save your email anywhere -desktop, documents, one drive, etc. Then upload that saved email into List Leaker. Simple!

List Leaker Enables you to Email both
Microsoft Distribution Lists and Regular Emails
Distribution Lists

One email address identifies an entire list! A list can have up to 5,000 contacts per list! So, when you email just the 1 list identifier email address, Microsoft emails all 5,000! Even though Microsoft emails 5,000 contacts, only the 1 list identifier email address counts against Microsoft's 10,000 emails per day per mailbox limit!

Example: Our Distribution List Creator software enables you to select the number of contacts you want per list. A csv file with each of the list identifier email addresses is placed on your desktop. If you created 3 lists of 5,000 then just the 3 list identifier email addresses are uploaded into List Leaker! Simple!

Regular Emails

Simply upload a csv file that contains all the data values. When sending regular emails each email counts against Microsoft's 10,000 per day, per mailbox limit. There are benefits when using regular emails versus distribution list identifier email addresses that we will cover below.

Benefits of Emails Per Hour Leaking

The developers of List leaker have also developed the number one rated spam filter, and therefore understand how importance of Emails Per Hour.

Mange Resources: Using List Leaker, you can select the number of emails per hour, so your sales and customer service staff are not inundated with calls and email responses.

Limited Supply: If your company has a limited supply of a product /service a company does not want to email everyone, and then have to tell customers we are already sold out right after you emailed them! If a company has a limited supply, it can create several batches of alphabetized emails. A company doesn't always have to start with the beginning of a list. It can email addresses at the end of the alphabet to give all customers opportunity to purchase limited products/services.

A-B Split Testing: You can now send out a small batch of emails and get feedback! If you find there is content in your test batch that caused confusion, you now get a chance to adjust your message, so the rest of the list will not have the same confusion.

Deliverability: Even though you are using opted-in emails, when email filters receive a ton of similar emails all at once those emails are misclassified as junk and don't get into the inbox. By leaking emails over hours deliverability is improved.

List Identifier Emails & Regular Emails: When uploading csv of distribution lists email addresses the Emails Per Hour setting is the speed in which each identifier email address is to be emailed.

Example: if you have 3 Microsoft Distribution lists of 5,000 contacts each, and you only want 5,000 contacts emailed per hour, you simply set List Leaker to only 1 email per hour! If you set 3 list email address per hour 15,000 emails would be emailed. For regular emails it is simply the total number of emails in the csv that you want emailed per hour! Simple!

Email Huge Files of Real Emails! No Database Required!

If you are uploading a csv that has more records than your Emails Per Hour, use the Data Chunk Scheduler.

List Leaker will sequentially grab data chunks from your csv file and process them. This enables you to have csv files that are millions of records-no databases needed!

You can put the csv file anywhere you want. (Desktop, One Drive. Google Drive, etc.) The first hour it will grab rows 1 through 3,000. Then automatically the 2nd hour it will grab the next chuck of data rows from 3001-6000 and automatically process those email addresses. It will simply automatically go through the entire million csv file.

As Ron Popeil made famous… “Just set it and forget it!”


Add as many mailboxes as you want in Desktop Outlook. Different domain names with Microsoft can also be used.

The added Microsoft mailboxes can either be licensed mailboxes that give you 10,000 emails/lists per day or Free Microsoft shared mailboxes. Free shared mailboxes do not increase your email limit but can use a different domain and diversify the origination point of the email and therefore enhance deliverability.

In addition to MSFT mailboxes, you can also use other email services, including unlimited free emails accounts, and List Leaker will rotate all mailboxes. Add 1,000 free accounts that can each email 500 per day, and List Leaker rotates through all of them!

Here are other hosting services that you can also obtain that will provide you with email service as well.


Personalize the Email Body and the Subjects Line

When people see that all their name in the subject line and more information is in the email body, your responses are increased.

Distribution Lists enable you to send an enormous number of emails and it costs up to 90% less than other email services. However, using regular email addresses is still about 45% less than all other email services and enables personalization.

Uploading regular email addresses enables you to personalize both the subject line and the email body.

You can upload a csv with as many columns as you have, and each column header name is a variable substitute in the subject line and email body. Simply put the Column Name Headers in and the value in the data row will be substituted.

Customers can Opt-In Directly On to your CSV Email List!

Registration Page and Database are Not Needed!

List Leaker has developed an innovative way for businesses to automatically add email addresses to their csv email list.

Normally you would have a registration page that the customer must fill out.

Then that email address goes into a MySQL database that you need to understand how to manage!

Even if you know how to manage a database you have to constantly login with your credentials and export the new registrations that registered AFTER the last time you exported the registrations.

Chances are you do not want to give your credentials to all your customers to anyone, so you need to keep doing the constant login and export yourself!

List Leaker created a really simple OPT-IN LINK that you can place on your website/landing page! You can create in opt-in links for an many csv files as you like.

Customers simply click the opt-in link, and an email opens with the email header all filled in, and they are instructed in the email to simply email it! SO SIMPLE!!

Your customers automatically get added to your opt-in csv list of your choice!

Nothing out there like this! No registration forms! No more constantly logging into a database to grab new registrations and exporting new lists to add to that list to an existing email list! SO SIMPLE!!!

Block Out Time Periods that you Do Not Want Emails Sent!

Experienced email managers prefer to have emails arrive during the day--- not late at night!

Obviously, emails have much worse open rate when recipients open their mailboxes in the morning, prioritizing which emails to respond to.

List Leaker lets you decide whether you want to use the Do Not Email Between feature.

If you do decide to use this feature the default time to prevent scheduling emails is set from 6:00 PM and 9:00 AM next day.

You can change the Do Not Email Between times down to the minute!


As a Microsoft Partner Company we are very protective of making sure Microsoft's IP addresses are not blacklisted due to bounces! Therefore, we made sure List Leaker automatically cleans your Outlook Inbox and your Junk Folder of bounces!

If you have multiple Mailboxes with different profiles, it cleans all Inboxes and Junk Folders! List leaker also enables you to identify hard bounces (mailbox no longer exists) and Soft Bounces (it exists but is temporarily over quota).

Typically bounces only bounce back to the inbox and junk folder and List Leaker will automatically clean those folders by default.

Additionally, List Leaker also enables you to use a different folder for bounces. Many users don't want to see all the bounces in their inboxes and junk folders, so they simply create a bounce folder and create an Outlook rule. The list Leaker documentation walks you step by step on how to do that. It's really easy.

List Leaker automatically extracts the bounced emails addresses from the bounced emails and creates master bounce list which you have access to. Then the master bounce list is applied against the original csv files that were used to email and REMOVE THE BAD EMAILS from the csv files! SO SIMPLE!


List Leaker automates your requirement to enable emailed recipients the ability to Unsubscribe, also known as Opt-Out.

When you create a presentation and save it, List Leaker automatically adds the unsubscribe link to the bottom of your email body.

When the email recipient unsubscribes List Leaker removes the data record from your csv email file!


Auto Follow-Up Feature

Normally when you agree with a sales prospect to follow-up at a future date you need to enter that date into a calendar.

People live in their email boxes and to open a CRM to implement a reminder takes too much time to jump back and forth between the CRM and your mailbox. Then when that date arrives, you must go looking for the email thread between you and your prospect!

Most salespeople don't even take the time to calendar a follow-up because they believe the prospect was just politely blowing them off, and they prefer to spend the time to call new prospects.

Auto Follow-up enables you to easily schedule follow-ups with prospects right from a convenient link in your Outlook ADD-IN Ribbon. Simply highlight the email and enter the number of days! When the future date arrives List Leaker automatically fetches the email thread between you and your prospect, so you don't need to go searching for the emails!

There may have been changes since the last time you and your prospect communicated! So, List Leaker enables you decide if you want both you and your prospect to get the follow-up email or just you!

Obviously, the follow-ups don't only have to be sales contacts. Use List Leaker follow-ups with any important meetings or personal reminders!


Our Software Makes Microsoft Bulk Emailing Even More Deliverable
than it already is!

Best Deliverability!

Microsoft Auto Encrypts & Decrypts Emails. Email filters use Bayesian algorithms that assign spam points against email content. (Too much html, images. adjectives, bold, italics, etc.). When the emails are encrypted, they can't be read! Bulk emailers like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Spark Post, Sendgrid, Aweber, etc., do not provide encryption! Ask your email vendor if it provides encryption and they will tell you no!

Email from the “TO LINE” not the “BCC LINE.” Everyone knows when you send bulk email from the BCC Line it all goes to junk/spam folder. Now you simply create and email just one list identifier email address and use the “TO LINE” and that one email address launches your entire list--- up to 5,000 contacts per each list created. Your recipients see only the “list identifier email address” but only you or those you authorize can email the list. This is huge!

Automated Email Batch Creation: Our software enables you to choose the max number of contacts per list and automates a new email list identifier for each list. So, while Microsoft allows you to email up to 5,000 per list under one email address you can further diversify. Example: You want 100,000 csv of contacts csv imported into Microsoft Office 365 using our software. You simply enter 1,000 max per list and the software will create 100 batches of 1,000 contacts per list. It will auto create 100 email address list identifiers. The software will create a “Master List Identifier” that contains the 100 smaller list identifiers, equaling 100,000. The net effect is there was no more than 1,000 contacts sent from any email address. Furthermore, you can email whatever number of 1,000 batches you want at a time to control response to Customer Service and Sales Departments. This ability to diversify bulk email sending blows away all competitors.

Free Unlimited Shared User Accounts: Create free shared user accounts that have Global Admin permissions with user/password login credentials. Enter the free accounts in the software and email your batches through different domain names to further diversify origination.

Microsoft is by far the largest Cloud and has by far the most IP addresses assigned by ARIN. Microsoft uses many servers and whitelisted IP addresses to email your lists thus enhancing deliverability.

Software Cleans List. After emailing simply click a button and automatically remove bounces from your list.Keeping a list clean substantially improves deliverability.

Microsoft is not in the bulk email business so unlike bulk email service providers its IP addresses are not blacklisted. There are many more reasons that are too technical to discuss and secrets we do not want to make public that enable the best deliverability.

Microsoft Emails your Sales Pitch, and it Promotes your Website!
No cap on the number of CSV rows of data records that can be uploaded!
The recipient sees that it comes from Microsoft. Sample:

microsoft email

Each recipient is invited to be a guest user in your 365 Azure Portal. You can then transfer users
to Dynamic Distribution Lists, with subgroup emailing and other 365 services like TEAMS,
Yammer, Sharepoint, etc

Create Unlimited Groups, Upload CSV and
Microsoft will Email an Invite to Join your Groups

share point
Upload unlimited CSV files of 100,000 each to promote your business by
inviting businesses or residents to join your Yammer, SharePoint, and Teams Groups.

Yammer in particular is an overlooked Social Media channel that enables you to create your own Social Media Network. Create a Group based upon your area of expertise and become the moderator of the group!

You decide if the group is open to the public so your invited members can invite others or keep it private so only the moderator can add members. Microsoft will email millions of your opted-in contacts! Use our software to create a group and upload email addresses and Microsoft will invite people to your group.

When people join the moderator gets access to the registration information! You also have access to native phone apps for both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Just like any social media app you are alerted with the number of posts from your members. Our software makes creating unlimited groups and uploading unlimited contacts for Microsoft to email your invite so easy! Yes, with no additional cost you can have your own social media network and our software and our knowledge will help you build an enormous group, and you can then you have the option to network with other Yammer groups!

EXAMPLE: www.SavingsSites.com is a national Savings Directory and uses Microsoft to invite masses of “Restaurants” to join its External Group. The restaurants see that its deals are being promoted by SavingsSites.com at no cost and the restaurants receive additional benefits. When Microsoft does the emailing to all the uploaded restaurant email address the restaurants are enticed to join the group and when they join they see the same pitch and asks the new member to go to the Community….

Save Money & Get Better Email Deliverability!
by using Microsoft 365 Lists!

4our.Site Url Shortner

With Advance Tracking Analytics!

Free Premium Account with License

  • Not AD Supported
  • Click Through Analysis
  • Geo Location
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referrer Traffic
  • Password Option
  • Whitelisted IP's
  • Not Blacklisted


Substantially Improves Senders Deliverability!

Email Senders & Emailed Recipients Both Benefit. WhitelistEmails.com service automates emailed recipients adding senders email addresses to recipient's whitelist admin dashboard!

Recipients love it as it's a Free & Easy Way to No Longer Miss Important Emails! Businesses simply add a link to its website or emails the link.

Recipients simply click the link and up to 10 of the senders' email address domains are automatically added to the recipients Whitelist Panel in recipient's admin dashboard. We have no access to senders' emails nor recipients email addresses! Works with Gmail and all Microsoft brands (Outlook, MSN, Live, Hotmail) and more are being added.

Once whitelisted the sender can add sales content to email body without worrying about the recipients email service erroneously filtering it as a spam solicitation and dumping it in the junk/spam folder! Go to website for more information: www.whitelistemails.com

  • $149 / monthly
  • 1 license for Tips DL Manger Desktop app. Unlock on 2 different PC's.
  • 1 license for List Leaker Outlook Desktop Add-In. Unlock on 1 Outlook Desktop.
  • 1 million opted-in data credits per month.

6 Mo Interest Free

  • $1,499 / Annually
  • Pay our Leasing company $125 monthly for 1 year lease and receive 25 million data upfront. In year two you will need to renew lease at $125 per month, or pay us monthly our monthly cost at that time.
  • If you qualify pay Paypal $1,499 in 6 months.
  • Master Reseller
  • Contact us for more details.