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Tuesday, December 10, 2019 | 1 Searches, 1 Downloaded Address Files.

DateCust IDOutfileTime
Query Description

12/10/19 07:343644 Yes60Consumer w/213 Demographics Fields Record Count For All USA is 728,779: With Distinct Mailing Addresses | For email domains NOT LIKE aol, gmail, hotmail, msn, verizon, yahoo, alltel, ameritech, att, bellatlantic, bellsouth, bigfoot, cableone, charm, charter, chartermi, chartertn, comcast, compuserve, concentric, covad, cox, coxmail, delphi, earthlink, .edu, excite, frontiernet, go, gte, ibm, juno, live,, mailcity, mailexcite, mcimail, medione, mindspring,, netcom, netscape, netzero, pacbell, peoplepc, pipeline, prodigy, qwest, rocketmail, rogers, rr, sbcglobal, speakeasy, sprintmail, sprynet,, usa, usit, uu, webtv, worldnet, ymail, | For Occupations General of "Financial Professional" |