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Private Label Data Reseller Program of Award-Winning Query/Database System & Private Label Emailer Software!

Unique Leasing Program Increases Size of Sale and Makes Sales Easier!

Use our Business Data and Emailer Software to produce leads. The key to making data sales is not just the data (the bullets) it is the email software (gun) that enables your customer to email for about $1 per 100,000 emails sent through 3rd party email accounts.

Your customers run Business and Consumer data queries on your private label website real time. It appears as if you own all the databases and the emailer software.

Your customers can't see the queries are coming from DatabaseEmailer server. Your customers will have a non expiring debit/credit data credits account like system. You assign data credits to your customers from your master data account.

Own private label website customized under your own domain and your own payment page where people pay you and you keep 100% of whatever you sell. You can customize the content under your own domain for just a one-time set-up fee of $300.

LEASE OPTIONS: The Email Data and Email Software and the New Movers program can be a leasable service by integrating the whole sale with a $37 computer tablet. EXAMPLE: $2,000 Sale. Leasing Company pays you $2,000 upfront within 24 hours and your sold business pays the leasing company either $200 per month over 1 year or $110 per month over 2 years. The leasing company doesn't require bank statements. Your customer gets package for example: (a) 5,000 new mover data credits (b) computer tablet (c) 50,000 unlimited use email addresses (d) Ownership of Emailer software license enabling business to email for $1 per 100,000 emails sent through 3rd party SMTP's.

There are FOUR Reseller Options:

Reseller Option I

  • Purchase credits from Database Emailer site. No white label emailer software licenses are included. Each email software license costs $100 per license.
  • Daily New Mover Data Feed: New Mover data credits are a different data credits account. These credits can be purchased for 5 cents per credit.
  • Reseller Option I: There's a One-time set up fee of $600
  • You may switch to the below Reseller Options II or lll to get much better pricing.

Reseller Option II

  • 15 million data record credits in your master account each month. Credits carry to next month if not used. Additional data credits can be purchased at just $50 per million. Includes: 3 white label emailer software licenses. Each additional email software license needed after the first 3 can be purchased for $50 per license.
  • You get your own customized private label website under your own domain name and includes the ability to query all databases. You get 250 million data record credits in your master account to transfer to your customer's data accounts. If you need additional data you can purchase it at $25 per million. You also get 10 software license credits and each additional license needed after the 10 can be purchased for $125 per license. Upfront cost is: $2,995. To maintain your private label website status you must purchase a minimum of $2,995 and you will get an additional 200 million data and 10 additional licenses. Payment for this can be made on our purchase page.
  • Daily New Mover Data credits are a different data credits account. These credits cost 2 cents per credit.
  • Reseller Option lI: (A) There's a One-time set up fee of $300 to customize the website of the website name you own and then (B) PayPal $195 monthly auto debit:
  • You may switch to the below Reseller Option III to get much better pricing but any monthly payments under Option I will not be used as a credit against Option II

Reseller Option lII

  • You get 500 million Database Emailer data record credits in your master account. Additional data costs $30 per million. Includes 30 emailer software licenses. Extra licenses cost $25 per license. Upfront annual cost is $2,995 and includes set-up cost. Contact use and we will send PayPal Invoice.
  • Daily New Mover Data Credits cost is only 1 cent per credit, and you get 100,000 new mover data credits included.

Reseller Option lV

  • There are substantial additional benefits both you and your sold businesses receive under the New Movers program if you owned a territory. Free mobile responsive site to display business offer, free online ordering, free dining reservations, free emailing, etc.

Here are some representative reseller sites

  1. Our New Reseller Site
  2. Data Records Corporation
  3. Data Lead Service
  4. Best Marketing List

if you have any questions about our Private Label Reseller Program, please use our contact page, email us @ or call us @ (973) 618-9906