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Consumer & Business Records Search-Count Queries

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(Default is just Today's Queries.) SELECT `tblCustomerDebits`.`Search_ID` AS `RAN`, `tblCountQueries`.`IPAddress`, `tblCountQueries`.`QueryTime`, `QueryDesc`, `tblCountQueries`.`rows`, `tblCountQueries`.`CompID`, `tblCountQueries`.`affiliate_id`, `tblCountQueries`.`QueryID`, `tblCountQueries`.`Reseller`, DATE_FORMAT(`tblCountQueries`.`Timestamp`, '%m/%d/%y %H:%i' ) AS `TS` FROM `tblCountQueries` LEFT OUTER JOIN `tblCustomerDebits` ON `tblCustomerDebits`.`Search_ID` = `tblCountQueries`.`QueryID` WHERE DATEDIFF( NOW(), `tblCountQueries`.`Timestamp`) <= 0 ORDER BY `tblCountQueries`.`Timestamp` DESC;No database selected

Consumer and Business Data Queries from:
Tuesday, January 25, 2022 | Searches, Downloaded Address Files.

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