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Own Targeted Opt-In Email

Targeted Opt-In Email
  • $295 for 1000 Million Records
  • $495 for 20000 Million Records
  • $590 for 50000 Million Records

We Will Replace Any Bounces!
Our Data Credit System allows you to pull all data now or as fresh data comes in.
Free Emailing and Texting with Exceptional Delivery!
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Automated website contact page submitter system. Millions of  submissions a day with no bounce worries

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WE can prove to you how you can OWN better quality opt-in email data and have it emailed at 90% less than for what our competitors RENT IT!

Most Email Service Companies are Scam Artists!
Most Email Service
Companies are Scam Artists!

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Before purchasing you first must create a business profile account so we can place into your account the records that you wish to purchase. Also carefully see below how the unit cost per record goes down substantially when more are ordered.

The buyer agrees that All purchases made are in accordance with the Terms of Service agreement of this website, which are found in the bottom set of links on this page, are final.

Purchase Your Targeted Opt-In Email, Phone or Other Data + Software Licenses Here

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Data Purchase Only, No Software Programs:

One data credit entitles you to download one data record that will contain up to 23 columns of information. Every data credit enables you to query data using an unlimited number of social, economic, and geographic selects. There is no expiration of your data record credits and you can share them with whomever you want. The data record credits can be used to download all types of data (Business, Consumer, Cell Phone Texting, Auto, etc.). Any quantities of Data purchased above 20 million records are best purchased with one of the software packages found further down on this page.

To download data now or any time in the future. One data record credit represents one full data record.
Database Emailer Software & Data Records: To download data now or any time in the future. One data record credit represents one full data record.
  • & You get 2 DBE Free Software Licenses.

Contact Page Submitter: Contact Page Submitter Website
One Time License Fee Including Upgrades:
Purchase Levels:
Note: You can also obtain a CPS license(s) and data as part of one of the below packages: "All Software Group Discount Package"

All Software Group Discount Package All Software Group Discount Package:
  1. DBE full featured Emailer
  2. Contact Page Submitter
  3. Advanced Contacts Engine
  4. Yellow Page Collector
  5. B2B Lead Generator
  6. Classifieds Extractor
  7. Realtor Contacts Manager
  8. Hardware Supplier & Manufacturer Business Data Finder
  9. Zillow Property Finder
  10. Trulia Property Finder
  11. DatabaseTexter
  12. Facebook Software
  13. White Pages Software
  14. Manta Software
  15. Linked-In Software
  16. Merchant Circle Software
  17. Val-Pak Software
  18. Brands Extractor
If you purchased each of these software programs separately, you would pay more than double and receive less data

Reseller Package:

Private Label of Award Winning Query/Database System.

(We will gladly provide several references of private/white label website owners making over $100,000 first year from home and are cash flow positive from the first month.)

Private label website owners will have the ability to have their customers run Business and Consumer queries on their private label website as the data counts will be pulled from our server real time. It will appear as if you own the databases and the desktop software programs. Contact us for examples of a few private label websites.

Your customers will have a debit/credit data account similar to system as you can assign data credits to them from your master account.

See Private Label Reseller Packages

Before purchasing you first must create a business profile account so we can place into your account the records that you wish to purchase. Also carefully see below how the unit cost per record goes down substantially when more are ordered.

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