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Own Targeted Opt-In Email

Targeted Opt-In Email
  • $295 for 1000 Million Records
  • $495 for 20000 Million Records
  • $590 for 50000 Million Records

We Will Replace Any Bounces!
Our Data Credit System allows you to pull all data now or as fresh data comes in.
Free Emailing and Texting with Exceptional Delivery!
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Automated website contact page submitter system. Millions of  submissions a day with no bounce worries

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WE can prove to you how you can OWN better quality opt-in email data and have it emailed at 90% less than for what our competitors RENT IT!

Most Email Service Companies are Scam Artists!
Most Email Service
Companies are Scam Artists!

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Private Label Reseller Program of Our
Award Winning Query/Database System

Private Label Reseller Program

We will gladly provide several references of private/white label website owners making over $100,000 first year from home and are cash flow positive from the very first month. Here are some examples of Private/White Label Websites:

Private label website owners will have the ability to have their customers run Business and Consumer queries on their private label website as the data counts will be pulled from our server real time. It will appear as if you own all the databases and the desktop software programs. There is absolutely no ability for the resellers' customers to see that queries are coming from DatabaseEmailer server. Your customers will have a non expiring debit/credit data account similar to system as you can assign data credits to them from your master data account.

There are 2 Reseller Options:

Under either of the 2 reseller options below you get your own private label website customized under your own domain and your own payment page where people pay you and you keep 100% of whatever you sell. We will provide you with several different website templates to customize the content under your own domain for just a one-time fee of $300.

Reseller Option I

You get your own customized private label website under your own domain name and includes the ability to query all databases. You get 8 million data record credits in your master account each month to transfer to your customer's data accounts, so you are getting 96 million per year. If you need additional data you can purchase it at $25 per million. You also get 2 software license credits and each additional software license needed after the first 2 can be purchased for $125 per license. The cost is $195 per month. PayPal $195 monthly auto debit:

Reseller Option II

You get your own customized private label website under your own domain name and includes the ability to query all databases. You get 250 million data record credits in your master account to transfer to your customer's data accounts. If you need additional data you can purchase it at $25 per million. You also get 10 software license credits and each additional license needed after the 10 can be purchased for $125 per license. Upfront cost is: $2,995. To maintain your private label website status you must purchase a minimum of $2,995 and you will get an additional 200 million data and 10 additional licenses. Payment for this can be made on our purchase page.

Any questions about our Private Label Reseller Program, please use our contact page or call us @ (973) 618-9906
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