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Our Automated Marketing Software Apps

Database Emailer Software (DBE)

Opt-in emailing for under $20 per million with exceptional delivery is being done by 1000s of our customers through USA based email servers. Very user friendly DBE rotates the IP addresses of an unlimited amount of email accounts and can use free email accounts. DBE rotates and tracks presentations, automates bounce and opt-out handling and has automated throttling to "leak" tens of thousands of emails per hour. DBE provides anonymous tracking of opens, click through's, and landing page visits with dozens of additional features and benefits. Come to daily webinar and we will demo the DBE email software.. Software Is Here

Website Contact Page Submitter Software

Freely automates the posting and submitting into businesses websites contact pages your personalized "on the fly" presentation to each targeted businesses executive uploaded into the software's database. It's as if you visited 10,000 websites a day and wrote a personal letter to the contact person that is auto inserted! CPS bypasses captcha codes! CPS FREELY collects unlimited targeted business URL's from all major search engines to freely contact these businesses. CPS also has the ability to create and verify and append email addresses to data records. CPS gets 30X the response over emailing. Contact Page Submitter

Advanced Contacts Search Engine (ACE)

ACE freely enables you to simultaneously do a targeted search on Google, Bing, Yahoo and several other search engines. The targeted results from hundreds of pages deep are organized, dupes removed and website URL's results are ranked and conveniently exported into a .csv data file; which you can then use software to freely contact each business. Software Is Here

Yellow Pages

Enter a business industry and City or State and the software will automatically collect from online Yellow Pages business directory the millions of business data records with name, postal address, phone, fax, website, and email addresses of the businesses and exports to a .csv data file! The exported Yellow pages data can also be uploaded into software. Software Is Here

B2B Lead Generator (Maps.Google)

Enter a business industry and City or States/Canadian Provinces and the software will automatically collect from Maps/Google the complete data record and exports to a data file! Software Is Here

Private/White Label Data & Software Resellers

Overnight you can have a home based business in which it will look like you are the largest opt-in data supplier in the USA. You get your own private/white label website that you can customize as much as you like---under the domain of your choice----in which your customers will do data queries and download data from your website. Sell data and software at hundred times your cost and you will still be able to retail for less than the current market. Our software programs do not have a name on them so you can name the software whatever you want and your customers will assume that you developed the software. Data Records Corp, Best Mailing Lists, Opt-In Email Marketing Lists and Buy Consumer Data

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