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Most Email Service Companies are Scam Artists!
Most Email Service
Companies are Scam Artists!

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Scams and Secrets of Email Companies


Email Rental Caution:

Stay away from the email vendor con artists that tell you that they only 'rent' data, i.e. you can't take possession of the data and they have to send it! Your company should not take the chance of having its name in an email going out without your company having possession of the data that proves how that data was opt-ed in. Additionally, you will never even know how many emails bounced. Many of these con artist emailer 'renters' would never give you the email because almost all of it will bounce!

These con artists will not even email all that you purchased! Furthermore unless you are a major corporation your email is going out at 3 am and therefore doesn't get as much attention as it gets clumped with all the other email to be reviewed in the morning. You also need to own it so you can email it as much as you want.

You need to realize that email companies lease their email servers and pay $99 a month and can email about 30 million a month and they incredibly tell you that "they need to charge you" $1,000 per million. Nonsense!!

If these "renters" costs are that high it's because their data is causing spamming complaints and having their email servers Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and domain names black-listed by the email recipients Internet Service Providers (ISP's) and therefore the emailer needs to keep buying new IP addresses. That is the scam they play. You don't need to be a part of that subterfuge. You need to take possession of that data because you need to send it multiple times as most people need to see a message more than a few times before they buy.

Forms of Payment Caution: Most of our so called 'competition" only takes "non-chargeback" forms of payment (bank wires & cleared checks). Why?--because they know that they are going to beat you silly!!! These con artists can't take credit cards because their merchant account service providers have already shut their scamming butts down due to excessive charge backs resulting from their customers not getting what the email vendor proposed.

False Hits Scam: These "Renters" will tell you that they will give you tracking of how many people clicked on a link in your email that took the visitor to your website. What we have discovered is they are using software that automates hits on your website during the sending of emails. This scam also substantially costs your website search engine rankings. When search engines like Google see tens of thousands of quick hits on your website coming from hijacked proxy servers, Google will destroy any hopes that you will ever get a better ranking on Google, or any other search engine.

Specialty Data Caution: When you are buying data you also need to be very careful, especially if you are buying a specialty list, for example 'golfers.' The email suppliers will tell you that they have a 'golfer' consumer file but give you data in which you would never know whether the data records are actually 'golfers.' The only way that you can be assured that the data record was actually a 'golfer' is to confirm with the email supplier that the data that you will receive will include the opt-in website in which the data record opted-in and it will relate to 'golf.' If the email supplier just tells you that the data records are 'golfers' with zero actual proof, that email supplier is simply scamming you! Run! Don't fall for that bullshit! When we tell you we have specialty data you will get in the data record the relevant opt-in source website.

Get Sample Data: When you buy data first ask for at least a 1,000 record sample to see the data. If the company says they don't provide samples, RUN!

Free Email Accounts: When you are buying data make sure you do not get all free email accounts ( Yahoo, GMail, HotMail, MSN, AOL) Your data supplier should offer you the ability to choose domains that are not free email accounts.

Large vs. Small Data Supplier: When you deal with a small data supplier ( under 75 million records) those companies only have that amount of data to sell so those records are getting pounded with offers and thus are not as responsive. The advantage a small supplier has is that they have the ability to prune their data easier of "bounces" by emailing that data. The large data suppliers (over 150 million records) have a great selection and their data is not hammered but you will find that the bounces are much higher as it is difficult to even email 150 million even once a month to prune the bounces. DatabaseEmailer is unique because even though we have been confirmed as the largest opt-in data supplier we get bounce reports from our clients automatically from the email software that we give clients--so we have the best of both worlds.

Choose the Dates of Opt-In: When buying data your data supplier should allow you to choose how old you want the data records. There are pro's and con's regarding the date of when the record opt-ed into the opt-in website. In actuality the best data is the older data as long as it is deliverable. Why? A) Because so many data buyers target new data, therefore those emails get hammered with solicitations and thus become less responsive. B) Old email address owners have typically given their email address out to many of their family and friends and therefore it is much harder to give up that email address so your data will remain live longer. A new email address may sign up for a promotion --get the promotion and then cancel that address. Getting a mix of both may be the best way to go as long as you receive bounce protection...

Bounce Protection: Whether the email registration date is old or new is irrelevant if you are given bounce protection. Obviously emails come and go and bounces are to be expected; however if you are paying for 1 million emails you should get 1 million deliverable emails. Only deal with a data supplier that will cover any bounces.

Forced to Take All Data Up front: Only deal with an email supplier that has a "Data Account System" that will allow you to take possession of your data in as many increments as you want over as long a time period as you want. Don't deal with an email supplier that makes you choose and receive up front, all the data records that you buy. You should have the ability to either take all the data or to take only small parts of the data when you want. Why? When you start your email campaign there is no way that you are going to know the exact socio, economic and demographics that will be best for your product or service. Therefore only deal with a data supplier if they allow you to take just some of the data and have no expiration date to pull the balance of your data purchase.

Forced to take Duplicates when Supplementing List: Lets say you buy data for a certain city, or Interests group. If you go back to the data supplier down the road most data suppliers will force you to take all of the data that you already purchased just to obtain the additional data the supplier obtained. You may have to buy 80% of the same records that you already have just to get the 20% that you don't have. Run from con artist data suppliers that make you buy the great majority of data again just to supplement your list.

What Other Credibility Does Your Supplier Offer?

Look at the About Us page of Email Notices and see the reference letters from highly discerning municipalities who have used us for years to contact their residents. You don't own a generic name like " without having been around a long time

Every municipality has a town council type board that will tear you inside out before you get to do business with them. Go to Google and place in the search box: "municipal emailing" and you will see Email Notices at the top of the list without paying for search engine rankings.

Look at Email Filter Pro and see the articles written, proving that our software program was rated the number one spam filter in the world by an independent software testing lab.

See our other software on the same website that protects email addresses from being harvested off their website by spammers harvesting software. See our Pro Software Pack website which is one of the largest software buying groups in the world. You get a free $299 membership when you buy data from us. See Child Secure Website our online child protection software program designed to keep the web kid friendly.

We have been in business many years because we don't screw people. We believe your better off in the long run giving people a great value and referrals will come.

Our Deal is "Too Good To Be True"?

That logic might be applicable if it weren't for the fact that we are giving you the data to analyze, we replace any bounces and we allow you to pay by credit card. Additionally look at the About Us page of Email Notices and see the reference letters from highly discerning municipalities who have used us for years to contact their residents. Look at Email Filter Pro and see the articles written proving that our software program that was rated the number one spam filter in the world by an independent software testing lab. See our other software on the same website that protects email addresses from being harvested off their website by spammers harvesting software.
Hey, if you still believe our deal is too good to be true, just pay us extra to the point where you can believe it! We have been in business many years because we don't screw people. We believe you’re better off in the long run giving people a great value and referrals will come.
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