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Getting Started
A Step by Step Resource and Instruction Guide:
A Step by Step Instruction Guide:

Once you have created a Data Account you can own unlimited use, re-sellable, full record "20 fields of information opt-in email data" --- for as low as $40 per million.

Once you have a data account you can log into your account and fund the account on the purchase page with ---non expiring--- data record credits. These credits can be used immediately or be saved for future projects, since we add 40 million new full data records each month.

You can however, if you want someone to do the emailing for you, use our contact page to tell us, we will put your request out to bid.

Database Emailer (DBE) software allows you to email for free using "free email accounts" or for $7 per 350,000 from the USA based email servers, in which you have the ability to place a domain name of your choice on the email server. The incredibly user friendly DBE software bypasses your own IP address and emails from the IP address of these 3rd party web hosting companies email accounts.

DBE has by far the best delivery rates in the industry as it simultaneously rotates non-contiguous IP addresses of unlimited remote email servers, rotates presentations and every part of the email header, and so much more. Here is resource list of 4,400 USA based web hosting companies.

We explain in detail how we can accomplish this on our daily 2pm eastern USA live Question & Answer Webinar Click here for a recorded version of the webinar which covers several software programs. You can However, if you want someone to do the emailing for you use our contact page and tell us we will put this request out to bid.

We explain how to use the software on the webinar but if you want one-on-one personal training with remote desk-top support for an entire hour, it's available for just $20. Contact Jeff Fisher:

The DBE emailer integrates with (ELP) to provide complete tracking and the identity of those who "opened the email," "clicked on a link in the email," those who visited your "Landing Page Website," tracks which rotating presentation was responded to and provides an "Auto-Responder." Your Email Landing Page may be your actual website but with special code added to track all levels of interest. ELP is unique because it automatically collects the identity of the full data record without ever asking the visitor who they are---you have to see how this works. There is no additional cost for ELP as it comes with the DBE. If you want help setting it up contact Frank and he will do it and train you for $60. Frank's email is :

If you are still shopping around make sure you read about the many ways email service providers will screw you: See Scam Artists

Our Software & Tutorial folder has all our software and manuals.

Do you market to businesses? If so you definitely need to see the other unique software that we have:

  1. Advanced Contacts Engine (ACE) is a master search engine that simultaneously uses many search engines including (Google, Bing and Yahoo) to targeted the desired business industries that you want. The results can be manipulated to further refine your search and then hundreds of pages of results are exported into a convenient .csv data file for uploading into your database or into other software programs for delivering your message. A no cost trial of the software and a recorded webinar on the software is located in our Software & Tutorial folder .
  2. Contact Page Submitter (CPS) automatically posts and submits your message into the Contact Page of thousands of websites per hour as if you are personally visiting each site. The key executive's name is auto inserted into each of your messages. No emails needed. No email filters. You only need the home page of the website as CPS will find the contact page on the website and if there is no contact page it will gather the email addresses if you wish. Much more info on the website. A no cost trial of the software, a manual, and a recorded webinar on the Software & Tutorial folder
  3. Free Local Data (FLD) has 2 programs which collect unlimited data from a major search engines local business directory and a major Yellow Page Business Directory. The contact data is collected into several columns and can then be exported out as a .csv file. A no cost trial of the software is located in our Software & Tutorial folder
  4. Realtor Contact Manager is in the Software & Tutorial folder and enables you to post a message on the contact pages of realtors.
  5. Classified Extractor is also in the Software & Tutorial folder and it enables you to collect the online postings of many targeted categories of classifies by geographic location. The software collects and then has a built in email functionality to contact the targeted data.

Are you a reseller? Then we have opportunities to private label our products so it appears as if you own our several hundred million record database and you developed our amazing software.

You sell retail at whatever cost you want. Use your own website or a website will be given to you that is under the domain name of your choice. Resellers can private label on resellers website our award winning business and consumer query system. Resellers visitors will run queries on resellers websites and the resellers server will get the count from servers and the data count requested by the resellers visitor will show up on resellers website. The software protection licensing system even allows you to accept payments over time as all software can be remotely disabled.

Charges on your credit card will be under the company name of Tips Marketing Services, Corp..

Thank You,
Customer Service Department

Any questions? Please use the Contact page to get in touch with us.